Story 14

Where For Art Thou, Brother…..

Robert woke with a gasp. He thought they had come for him already. Robert slowly sat up on the bed and clutched his head in his hands. He had done some foolish things in his 35 year life but this really topped the list. Robert left his room and headed towards the kitchen to make some coffee. When sipping his coffee he pondered about how he could deal with this dilemma. Robert ran into trouble with these gang of criminals before. Seven years ago he started a fight with a man called Barry Morrison who is high up in this gang know as The Avenues. The fight was over a gamble that Robert won and The Avenues refused to pay. Robert decided to let this go because he knew they were to strong for him. Last night Robert went to a casino in Las Vegas in the hope of making some money. Instead he found himself in a very serious poker game with two or three Avenue members. One of whom was Morrison. Last night Robert lost 100,000 dollars. He had fled the building as quick as he could and got home to his apartment in Fresno as fast as possible. Robert would do anything to escape from his life of gambling and misery. Ever since he dropped out of high school and became an alcoholic his life kept on going down until it hit rock bottom. It was when looking for some bread the brilliant plan came to him. His identical twin brother Charles.

Charles and Robert were inseparable as children and it was just about impossible to tell them apart. They are both tall, brown hair, blue eyed and pale skinned. The only difference between them was Charles’s limp from an accident when Charles and Robert were making a tree house and Charles fell out and broke his leg. The day Robert dropped out of school he had a fight with his parents and his brother and never spoke with them since he was 17 years old. Charles on the other hand received his full education and went on to become a very rich scientist. He had married a beautiful rich model and they had two children. Robert discovered they lived in a  large home just outside Los Angeles. He hatched his cunning plan. He reached for his phone and dialed a number he found for Charles. He really hoped this would work. It was his last chance. The phone was engaged. Charles answered.

“Hello” said Charles

“Charles its me Robert” said Robert

           -Robert who?

           -Robert Porter, your brother

           -Robert I cant believe it, its great to hear from you, how

             are  you?

           -I’m great but I was wondering if your free, I

            happen to be passing through Los Angeles tomorrow and I

            want to meet up with you and have a coffee.

           -That sounds great Rob you know how to get to my

            house don’t you.

           -I’m pretty sure.

           – ok then see you tomorrow.

Robert hung up and smiled to himself. Phase 1 complete. Robert left his apartment and went to a nearby motel. If they came for him tonight they would not find him. He was constantly awoken that night in fear that someone had come for him to kill him. He couldn’t take it anymore. He got up at 6 am, had a quick breakfast and left for Los Angeles. It took him four hours to get there. He arrived at his brothers home. It was amazing. Three story’s  of absolute luxury. Robert pulled up to see his brother greeting him at the front door. Robert got out and walked up to the door and his brother embraced him in his arms. This hug meant nothing to Robert. It was just an act. In his youth Robert was a budding actor and on his way to fame until he started drinking.

“Its great to see you Robert” said Charles

“And you Charles” said Robert. The two brothers went inside the mansion. Things were looking good for the plan. Inside Robert saw a picture of Charles’s family.

“Is this your family Charles?” said Robert.

“Yeah, that’s my beautiful wife Madison and my two boys Carl and Howard” said Charles.

Robert needed to find out as much information about his brother as fast as he could if the plan is to work. He discovered that Charles and Madison got married eight years ago, his kids are eight and five and he has a good job which makes him very wealthy. Charles went to the bathroom while Robert searched for a diary to see all his life and secrets. He found it in the wardrobe in Charles room. It was pure gold. It was time to act. Charles came out of the bathroom only to receive a blow to the head.

“Sorry Charlie but its survival of the fittest here and I don’t give a damn about family” said Robert. He tied his brother up and put him in the trunk of his car and drove back to Fresno. In Fresno it was evident that The Avenues were in the apartment already and would be back soon. He swapped clothes with his brother and put a beer bottle in his hand with empty bottles surrounding him. He took one last look at his brother and left he knew that his brother will be killed in a few hours maybe even minutes. He returned to LA and went back to Charles’ home. He limped up to the front door, opened the door and said “hi honey I’m home”.



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