Othello Quotes



‘Valiant moor’


‘Another of his fathom they have none to lead their business’


‘commands like a full soldier’



‘Certain men should be what they seem’


‘ a man of honesty and trust’       <about Iago>


‘The moor is of a free and open nature that thinks men honest’


‘of a constant, noble, loving nature’


‘my noble moor is true of mind’



‘She loved me for the dangers that I had passed, and I loved that she did pity them’


‘The fountain from which my current runs or else dries up’


‘When I love thee not, chaos is come again.’

Desdemona should have married

‘one of her own complexion, clime and degree’


the green-ey’d monster, which doth mock
The meat it feeds on’



‘Arise black vengeance from the hollow hell.’


‘cunning whore’


‘Are his wits safe’



‘I have done the state some service’


‘one that loved wisely, but not too well’


‘For he was great of heart’




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