First Year Creative Writing Competition



                      First Year Finalists

These are the talented students whose work was chosen for being of a particularly high standard:

                                                                         Michaela Keenaghan

                                                        Seán Hanamy                                                                                                                                                                            

                                                         Karl Sheppard

                                                          Dáire Kelly

                                                          Isobel Murray

                                                           Karla Corcoran Lynch

                                                            Tara Carroll

                                                             Finnian Kelly

*Although these are the finalists, their entries will not have their name attached so interested readers can judge the writing purely on its merits.
Click on one of the links to read any of the stories from the shortlist. If you are happy that you feel one story is particularly entertaining and well-written, then please vote for that story in the voting section below.

Story A

Story B

Story C

Story D

Story E

Story F

Story G


Vote Below!



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