Comparative 2016: Character List



LC 2016                                  Comparative Study

Text 1: ‘Foster’  by Claire Keegan

Text 2: ‘Death of a Superhero’(DOAS), directed by Ian Fitzgibbon

Text 3: ‘A Doll’s House’(ADH), by Henrik Ibsen



Character List


‘The Girl’

Dan (Father)          John Kinsella

Mary (Mother)      Edna Kinsella

Mildred (nosey neighbour)




Death of a Superhero’: (DOAS)


Donald                                    Shelly

James (father)                       Dr. Adrian King (therapist)

Renata (mother)                   Michael (friend)

Jeff (brother)                          Hugo (friend)




A Doll’s House’ (ADH)


Torvald Helmer (Husband)
Krogstad (employee of Torvald; blackmails Nora over loan)
Christine Linde (school friend and ex-girlfriend of Krogstad)
Dr. Rank (Close friend of the family; in love with Nora; terminally ill)
Anne-Marie (Nanny who minds children and previously raised Nora herself)




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