Comparative Notes: Character Lists


Character List

‘How I Live Now’ by Meg Rosoff

  • Daisy (aka Elizabeth) is an anorexic 15-year-old from New York. She comes to Britain to live with Aunt Penn out of spite of her father and her stepmother. She falls in love with Edmond and begins an intimate relationship with him. Daisy is described as spunky, steadfast, and selfish at times.
  • Edmond is a 14-year-old boy who is Daisy’s cousin. When Daisy first met him at the airport, she described him as “some kind of mutt, you know the ones you see at the dog shelter who are kind of hopeful and sweet and put their nose straight into your hand when they meet you with a certain kind of dignity and you know from that second that you’re going to take him home?” Edmond is innocent, sweet, and incorruptible.
  • Piper is Aunt Penn’s only daughter and Daisy’s cousin She is the youngest of the family and has an almost angelic essence to her. Daisy feels protective of her and acts as her mother when Aunt Penn is away.
  • Isaac is Edmond’s twin; they look exactly the same except Isaac has green eyes. He shares a special connection with animals, seemingly understanding what they are saying. He is generally silent, only talking when he chooses to.
  • Osbert is Piper and Edmond’s elder brother. He is 16.
  • Aunt Penn is the mother of Piper, Edmond, Isaac and Osbert. She is Daisy’s deceased mother’s sister. Daisy sees Aunt Penn as the caring and loving mother figure she never got to have.
  • Daisy’s father is mostly too preoccupied with his second wife and his work to notice Daisy. Daisy used her anorexia and more to attract his attention.
  • Davina is Daisy’s stepmother and Daisy’s father’s second wife. Daisy describes her as heartless and cruel, dubbing her “Davina the Diabolical.”
  • Leah is Daisy’s friend. During Daisy’s stay at Aunt Penn’s, Leah continually updates Daisy with recent news and events occurring at her school.
  • Mrs. McEvoy is the woman who Daisy and Piper is sent to during the war. She is described as too nice and cheery, but Daisy overlooks this because “at least she was trying to be nice which even I had to admit is something.”
  • Major McEvoy is Mrs McEvoy’s husband. He is dutiful and caring towards Daisy and Piper. He is killed at a checkpoint trying to help the teenager Joe who is ruthlessly killed at a checkpoint.
  • Baz is a young soldier who takes a shine to Piper and ultimately helps them escape when the army camp is attacked.


‘Blade Runner directed by Ridley Scott

  • Deckard  (Bladerunner)
  • Roy Batty (Replicant leader)
  • Rachael (Replicant who works for Tyrell, falls in love with Deckard)
  • Dr. Tyrell (genetic designer who owns and runs the Tyrell corporation that builds replicants)
  • Bryant (Police chief)
  • Gaff (works for Bryant; Deckard’s partner while hunting the replicants)
  • Leon (physically strong replicant; killed by Rachael)
  • Zhora (replicant working in strip bar; ‘retired’ by Deckard
  • Pris (Replicant; Roy’s partner/ lover)
  • Sebastian (designer who works for the Tyrell corporation; ageing prematurely)
  • Chew (eye designer; built replicant eyes)


 ‘A Doll’s House’ by Henrik Ibsen

Torvald Helmer (Husband)
Krogstad (employee of Torvald; blackmails Nora over loan)
Christine Linde (school friend and ex-girlfriend of Krogstad)
Dr. Rank (Close friend of the family; in love with Nora; terminally ill)
Anne-Marie (Nanny who minds children and previously raised Nora herself)





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