Key quotes: Cultural Context


Key Quotations                                           Cultural Context

Role of women

‘Aunt Penn always has important work to do related to the peace process.’


‘Your most sacred duties….towards your husband and your children.’ (Torvald)

‘I passed from Papa’s hands into yours.’ (Nora)


Role of men

‘I realised he was doing what he felt was his duty as a member of the armed forces’                               (Daisy about Major McEvoy before he is shot)


‘I’ve done questionable things’ (Roy)

‘You’ve done a man’s job’ (Bryant to Deckard)


‘You are going to have a big salary and earn lots and lots of money.’ (Nora)



‘ if you’re not cop, you’re little people’ (Bryant)

‘One has to be continually sponging for jobs.’ (Chistine)




‘a bomb went off……. and something like seven or seventy thousand people got killed’

‘It felt a lot less safe than you might have thought, given how many guns were around.’


‘a bloody mutiny’ (CRAWL)

‘They slaughtered 23 people’ (BRYANT)



‘What impressed me was how simple it seemed to be to throw a whole country into chaos.’


‘If you’re not cop, you’re little people’

‘Commerce is our goal here at the Tyrell corporation’


‘You don’t understand how society works.’ (Torvald)


Effect of cultural context on the central characters

‘Saved from the ravages of war by stubbornness and ignorance and an insatiable hunger for love’


‘painful to live in fear isn’t it?’ (Roy)


‘I was your little skylark, your doll.’

‘I must stand on my own feet.’    (Nora)



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