Literary Genre 2016: Key Quotes




  • ‘Foster’ by Claire Keegan; ‘Death of a Superhero’ directed by Ian Fitzgibbon; ‘A Doll’s House’ by Henrik Ibsen



    ‘she hasn’t enough to pay the man’ ‘stretching the money’

    ‘freezer packed solid’

    ‘money to spare’


    Contrast between affluent contemporary Dublin and dark foreboding apocalyptic world of Donald’s troubled mind.


    ‘Have you thought what people will say?’ TORVALD

    ‘Your most sacred duties….towards your husband and your children.’ TORVALD




    ‘learned enough, grown enough’


    ‘It felt like I had control for once’

    ‘I’ve never been out with a girl before’

    ‘a brilliant artist’

    ‘I want you to come to this exact spot’


    ‘You know I could never act against your wishes’ (Nora to Torvald)

    ‘It is no use forbidding me anything any longer’

    ‘I have been greatly wronged’





    FIRST-PERSON NARRATOR ‘I want to say I’m afraid but am too afraid to ask’

    ‘lost our red shorthorn in a game of forty-five’ (about father)


    Told mainly from Donald’s point of view


    DIALOGUE essential for characterisation and to help audience understand the key relationship between Nora and Torvald – ‘songbird’ ‘skylark’ etc.

    and stage directions crucial.


    STAGE DIRECTIONS used at key moments to emphasise their significance – ‘sinks down on a chair at the door and buries his face in his hands’ or e.g. Nora surreptitiously eats macaroon.




    ‘Try not to fall into the fire, you’ (Dan)

    ‘petal’ (Kinsella)

    ‘softhearted fool’ (Gertrude about Kinsella)

    ‘’there are no secrets here’

    ‘If you were mine, I’d never leave you in a house with strangers’


    ‘Mental control freak’

    ‘I’ve never been out with a girl before’

    ‘Come to this exact spot’


    ‘Lark’ ‘song bird’


    ‘You know I could never act against your wishes’     NORA



    ‘Without ever mentioning that he would come back for me’


    ‘He’s dying. Don is dying. Get that into your head.’


    ‘I have no idea what is going to become of me’



    *Healing power of love*

    ‘I have learned enough, grown enough’


    ‘you’re an amazing man. I love you’ (Dad to Donald)


    *restrictive effects of society on the individual*

    ‘I have never been happy’

    ‘Sacred duties’







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