Comparative Study

Comparative 2016

The Comparative Study                                                                                                                                                                                                  General Guidelines

The Comparative Study                                                                                             General Guidelines

  1. Basics
  • For the purposes of the comparative section, films, novels and plays are all referred to as texts.
  • The texts that you will have studied for this year’s Leaving Cert are ‘Foster’’ by Claire Keegan, ‘Death of a Superhero’ (DOAS) directed by Ian Fitzgibbon and ‘A Doll’s House’ (ADH) by Henrik Ibsen.
  • The aim of this section of the course is to compare different films, novels and plays together under particular modes of comparison. All films, novels and plays are referred to as texts.
  • A mode of comparison is a way of looking at the text
  • There are three modes of comparison on the Leaving Cert 2016 course. These are General Vision and Viewpoint, Literary Genre and Cultural Context.
  • You will have studied two of the three modes: General Vision and Viewpoint and Literary Genre.
  • Only two of the three modes will appear on the exam paper.
  • Each mode that appears on the paper will have a choice of two
  • These questions take the format of single essay-type question for 70 marks or a question divided into (a) and (b) parts, with the (a) part requiring discussion of just one text for 30 marks and the (b) part requiring comparison of the two other texts for 40 marks.
  • The comparative section is worth 70 marks – the second most significant question after the essay.
  • For this reason, you will be aiming to write between 1200 – 1400 words in your answer (approx. 6-7 pages).
  • You will have to allocate around 70 minutes to answer this section.


These are the two modes that you need to know. Click on either title for an introduction to each mode.

Literary Genre

The General Vision and Viewpoint


For all you need to know to prepare for the comparative section of the exam, click through to the exam centre





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