Macbeth is one of William Shakespeare’s most famous tragedies. It is the story of a Scottish lord’s rise to power and the terrible bloodshed that follows. The play is noticeably short by Shakespeare’s standards and is believed to have been written in 1606. It has been performed regularly ever since to the point where it is the most commonly staged of the bard’s plays across the world.


Second Age's Macbeth

Second Age Theatre Company brought their version of the famous play to the Helix in November. Banagher College students were there to witness director David Horan’s fast-paced version with Will Irvine in the title role. It was warmly received by the students, who despite some disappointment over the interpretation of the witches, were more than impressed with the overall production – particularly the stylish and innovative fight scenes, as well as some of the excellent dramatic performances.

Read student Imelda Minnock’s review here

Second age’s Facebook page here

Some useful resources from Second Age as the cast discuss aspects of the play


Macbeth title image

Ian McKellen – ‘Tomorrow, and tomorrow and tomorrow

The famous actor brings the famous lines to life:


A  brief recap



Alternative Version

Sound and Fury” Macbeth rap from Flocabulary’s Shakespeare is Hip-Hop album. The song features Grey, Riddick, and Charles Hendricks.


‘Macbeth – The Fairytale’

fairy tale

Once upon a time…….

Click here to read two competing child friendly versions of the bard’s famous play – adapted by the LCI group. Vote for your favourite.


Useful links

Full text of the play (with annotations):

All the help that Sparknotes can offer:

Some useful ideas on Macbeth’s soliloquies from Evelyn O’ Connor at

RTÉ – MacBeth In Monaghan:

RTÉ - MacBeth In MonaghanA four part radio series performed by Leaving Certificate groups from secondary schools in Co. Monaghan under the guidance of renowned TV and Theatre actor and director Alan Stanford.

Here is a series of  series of analyses of key moments in Macbeth from the brilliant English department at St. Columba’s College in Dublin:

Shakespeare-online site on Macbeth:

A helpful hand form the people at NoSweat Shakespeare:




Get some help for answering questions on Macbeth here




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