Story 11

David jumped in and put on his leather cap. He flicked numerous switches. The commander knocked on the glass, “Take it easy, these birds cost money, OK”

“No problem, but you just don’t know what these Japs will do”.

The commander nodded and stepped away from the glass, he was a man in his late fifties; clean shaven with a bad comb over, his chest boasted an array of medals and badges. He put his hand to his head and gave the traditional salute. David responded with a firm hand.

 “All set boys, let’s show these Japs what we got, we just might be back for tea!” said a muffled voice over a shaky microphone. The voice was of Captain T. Johnson, Captain Ego was his nickname. He liked to be the big man, show that he was in control.” You ready Smoke?”

“As I’ll ever be” answered David.

  David pressed the ignition button and the P-51 Mustang came to life. The engine hummed like a bee. The plane shook as it moved forward onto the runway. There were twelve planes in line ready for action.

-“Hello men, this is PearlHarbour we are under serious attack from the Japanese; we require immediate help, over”.

-“Roger that, this is team Soaring Eagle and we are on our way”.

“You heard the man, let’s go!” Captain Ego shot up past David and took to the air. The others followed with David at the back. David took a moment to think as he looked back at the carrier this could be the last time he would ever lay his eyes on it, he promised himself he would make it back, and after all he had a family back home. He had promised his daughter he would be home for Christmas.

 “OK men, PearlHarbour is two minutes away. Have your machine guns ready, this is gonna get hot!”

David pushed a lever and two machine guns rose up from the nose of the plane. He could see the base ahead. Two control towers were in flames, ready to collapse.

“There she is boys lets go rescue her”. No sooner had Captain Ego spoke, when a huge fleet of Japanese bombers approached the base from the opposite side.

“Holy crap” roared a muffled voice. “Its ok shortie, we’ll hit them straight on”. Shortie was only a new pilot, he was 19. It was David’s job on every mission to insure he came home safely.

“Smoke is right, we’ll cover you” said a dark skinned man in the plane next to him. Bear was his name.

 Half of the Japanese planes rose into the air, while the others flew towards Soaring Eagle. The planes which rose up came thundering down and hit the base straight on.

-“Come in base, this is Soaring Eagle, the Japanese have Kamikaze pilots, we request back up to take them down.”

-“Roger that Soaring Eagle, there is a team of twenty machine gunners approaching your area now.”

“Let’s hit them straight on men!” roared Captain Ego David pushed the stick forward and the plane shot ahead; it had incredible speed which was perfect for this situation. He watched as an enemy plane approached him. The last thing he wanted was a dog fight. David lit up the machine guns, and the plane ahead exploded into flames. He flew through the smoke at top speed, before pulling to the left to avoid oncoming fire. Shortie was following closely behind, and couldn’t see the bullets being fired at him. The propeller of his Mustang was hit and the bullets bounced off tearing the nose apart. “I’m hit, I’m hit”. The screams pierced David’s ears as he watched Shorty’s plane burst into flames. The plane descended and hit the clear blue, Pacific Ocean. David froze in horror, he had failed, and it was his job to make sure Shortie would come home safely. “You son of a –“David spun the Mustang around and fired at the Japanese plane. He cursed to himself as he watched the plane disappear in flames.

 Nothing mattered now to David. He hit every bomber straight on, watching them hit the water, laughing as they did. He ignored Captain Ego when he told him to pull back, as a massive fleet of Kamikazes hit PearlHarbour. David flew straight through them with all guns blazing. He took out six enemy planes before they hit the Harbour. Bear followed but failed to make it through. He ejected but his parachute failed to open and he fell into the fiery hell of the burning PearlHarbour.

 David rose into the air and turned around to face four Japanese planes heading towards him. “Come on you Japs!” he roared as fired numerous shots. The guns clicked, he pushed the button and they clicked again. He was out of ammo! The Japanese responded by setting his plane alight. David covered his face as the glass of the cockpit smashed. He steered the plane towards the water, his life flashed before his eyes. He saw himself as a child skimming stones across a lake with his father. That was it! He could skim the plane. David opened his eyes and pulled back the stick pulling the plane upwards. It hit the water and bounced up before gliding across the top of the water just like a stone. The flames were quenched as the water began to fill the plane. He climbed from the cockpit, and watched Pearl Harbour fall and the victorious Japanese retreat. I hope the others survived David taught to himself as he slowly swam to the shore.


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