Story 3

The sun hung low in the San Francisco sky. The city had never looked so beautiful. Regina was walking home after a long day’s work. She had long blonde hair, a button nose and a sharp smile. The sun glistened off the thirty two year old’s creamy white skin. She looked around herself and thought “I have walked this same route home now for seven years and never have I took a moment to recognise its beauty.” In the many gardens she passed, young children, with their whole lives ahead of them, creating and playing new exciting games without a care in the world. The smell of freshly cut grass lingered in the air. Retired elderly people were taking relaxed evening walks around the neighbourhood whilst admiring the city view. Regina noticed a black BMW drive quickly in the direction of her house. “I’ve seen that car before” she thought questionably to herself. Regina could see her home from the distance. It was an average sized bungalow with a small garden surrounded with hedges and an old oak tree covering the sitting room window. In the driveway she saw the same BMW. She walked hurriedly through the patio and unlocked the front door. She stumbled into the living room to find her sister Courtney, who had been living with her for a couple of weeks, tied up in chair. The door slammed behind her. She turned her head to feel a cold hard revolver shoved between her eyebrows. “Welcome home” whispered a raspy voice.

            Suddenly the fright quenched inside of her. She looked into those diamond white eyes she once fell in love with. She put her hand to the man’s face. The stubble felt like a million little men tickling her fingers. His blonde greasy hair snuck its way under his black hat. “It was him” she thought. The one man she used to think she couldn’t live without.

“Hello Steve” she whispered. “Nice of you to come home to your wife.”

            “So I see you fell off the wagon again” laughed Regina. “And you wondered why I left you.”

“Shut up you old hag” cursed Steve. “Don’t you see we were made for each other, your sister agrees anyway” slured Steve.

            He lowered the gun from Regina’s forehead. He stumbled over to Courtney and placed the gun to her left temple. “Morning sunshine” he roared into her ear. “As you can see your sister went for a little nap, but she should be back any time soon”.

“Don’t you dare lay a finger on her, you psycho!” warned Regina. “I’ll kill you with my bare hands if you do.” Steve slowly ran his finger down Courtney’s soft tanned skin. Regina charged at Steve with anger. He quickly dodged her. He pulled Regina’s long Rapunzel hair and threw her roughly on the ground. “You’re pathetic” he shouted in an evil voice.

            “I’m warning you get the f…” Steve was interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Hey honey it’s me, mom, open the door” calls Regina’s mother through the letterbox. “Hello is anyone home?” Regina stood on her feet. “Don’t even think about answering that door” warned Steve. Regina opened her mouth to speak but she was quickly stopped by Steve. He put his hand around her mouth and the gun to her head. “Shut up” he whispered into her ear. The knocking stoped and the house was left silent.

            Regina pulled away from Steve. “That didn’t prove anything” she said smartly. “You’re still the sad little man you always were, why I married you is a mystery.”

“Ha, don’t make me laugh, I gave you the nicest clothes and I bought you everything you wanted but that wasn’t good enough, nothing was ever good enough” shouted Steve

. “Don’t stand there and lie to me, you are the same as you always were, I can’t even bare the sight of you, you are a coward” says Regina.

            Steve droped his hand to his hip. “A coward! A coward! I’ve been watching you the last couple of days and I noticed you have a new gentleman caller, moved on so soon?” joked Steve. She suddenly realised all of his attention was on her and he had forgotten about the gun. “This is my only chance” she thought to herself. “It’s now or never.” Regina grabed his arm and held it down. He hesitated and pulled the trigger. He lifted his arm and without thinking he swung the gun at her head. Blank. She fell to the ground with a loud bang. Her vision slowly faded and then went as black as coal.

            Regina becameconscious when she heard banging on the door. She noticed the street light shining through the window. “It’s night” she thought. “Damn it.” She heard the knocking again.

“Hello Regina are you there?” yelled her boyfriend through the letterbox.

Steve put the gun to Courtney’s head and said “get rid of him or else”. Regina stumbled to her feet. The room stopped spinning and she made her way to the door. She opened the door to find Bill, her boyfriend, holding a bottle of red wine and wearing a grey suit. He was a sharp man with dark black hair, bright glassy eyes and a frame as straight as a pencil. “Are we still on for tonight?” asked Bill.

“Um, err, you know what – I’m going to call it a night” responded Regina while at the same time giving him hand gestures to call the police. “Is everything ok?” questioned Bill. “Yeah I’m just a little tired”. She pointed towards the sitting room and put her hand to her face gesturing him to call the police. “Good night”. Regina closed the door and returned to the living room. “Did you get rid of lover boy?” laughed Steve as he trembled towards her. “Now it’s just you, Courtney and me”. Steve grabed Regina by the neck and pushed her up against the wall. As she gasped for air he slowly felt his way down her stomach.

            Bill reached his car and takes out his keys. “Wait a minute” he whispered to himself. Bill quickly turned and ran back up through the garden around the house. He peered in through the living room window and spotted Courtney tied up in the chair. He looked around and saw Steve holding Regina against the wall. He quickly dashed to the back door and kicked it in. He snuck in through the kitchen past the small hall into the living room. The smell of whiskey and sweat filled the air. Then he spotted Steve and Regina. He grabbed Steve in a headlock and pulled him forcefully away from Regina. She dropped to the floor and gasped for air as if she were drowning. Courtney began to awaken and sees what was going on. She started to cry and scream but she could not be heard underneath the rope covering her mouth. Bill pushed Steve up against the wall and held him with a strong grip whilst Regina rushed over to Courtney and began to untie her. Steve lifted his broad legs and pushed them against the wall. The force pushed Bill to the ground. Bill rose to his feet as quickly as he could but it was too late. Bang. Bill fellto the floor. His body lay there lifeless, the bullet had finished him.

            Regina turned her head to see her boyfriend lying on the floor over a pool of blood. She swallowed the lump in her throat. With all her might she charged at Steve from behind and pushed him into the fireplace. He tripped over the coffee table and banged his head off the grey marble in front of the fireplace. Courtney got to her feet and beganto roar out tears of anger and fear. Regina picked up Steve’s gun. Both her and Courtney ran to the front door and unlocked it. Courtney dashed down the garden shouting for help. “Hey Regina” called Steve from the living room. “The bed is going to be an awful lot colder now,” he laughed. Regina slowly walked into the sitting room and swung the gun with all her strength into the side of his. Steve lay on the floor opposite Bill. She lowered herself to his ear and whispered “Don’t you ever forget that any breath you take is a gift from me.”


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