Story 7


Its 7.03am, on a refreshing August morning with hardly any clouds in the sky.  The reflection of the sun shone on a lonely puddle of water in the air-field.  As I turned the corner and headed towards the plane, I quickly put on my purple sun glasses.  The colour of them matched my long blonde hair, I thought to myself as I took the first steps on to the stairs… This is it…  There is no going back from here…  I took another few steps up the slippery stairs… But, what if everything doesn’t go to plan, what if someone messes it up for me…Panicking, I took the next few steps… once I have got the package, everything will fall into place.

I finally reached the top of the stairs, I took a deep breadth of the soothing fresh air and stepping into the plane I immediately looked to my left … and there he was . . . . sitting on his chair in the cockpit ….. looking important!  he is the reason behind what’s to come. . . . . .

Turning my head at a speed which felt like 100 km, I looked the opposite direction.  He could not see me.  That would change everything.  I stepped forward towards the air hostess;

–       Good morning madam, your passport please.

–       Morning, here you go

–       Ah, thank you, Nadine Norris what a catchy name!

–       (laughing to myself) Well, thank you!

–       You’re Welcome.  Here is your passport.  Hope you have a nice flight.

–       Thank You very much.


A ‘nice flight’ I thought to myself, ‘nice’ is far from the word I would use.  In fact, it’s the complete opposite of what this flight is going to be.  I marched down the aisle in my black boot heels as if I was in a fashion show.  My long blonde hair flew behind my shoulders.  I was dressed in maroon skinny jeans, a white top and a black blazer.  When I reached the back of the plane, I sat down in the last row of seats on the right hand side.  Now…it all begins…


            Its 7.10 am, the plane is due to take off at 7.20 am.  Ten more minutes. Everyone is now in their seats. Thirty four people on the plane, I have counted, not including myself! This is what I was expecting on such an early flight to …..

Where is this plane going again?  I thought to myself… It doesn’t matter anyway,

I don’t expect we will be reaching our destination.  The air hostesses have taken their seats.  This is my cue to start.  I put my handbag on the floor in front of me.  Then, I immediately started searching for the package.  In advance I had asked my friend, Claire, who is an air hostess to plant the package in this row.  I had been waiting several months before I could find a plane which Claire and the pilot would be on in the same day.  Earlier this morning when Claire was on this plane, the plan was that she would plant the package under the seat where no one would look.  She had no idea what was in the package, and I had warned her not to open it nor show it to anyone.  I kept searching, desperately trying to find this package, like a mother searching for a lost child in a toy store!  My hands grew sweatier by the second.  I started to panic…What if she didn’t put it in the right seat? Or worse, what if she opened it!

Suddenly, I felt something, it was between the bottom of the seat and the life jacket.  I grabbed onto it for dear life and I pulled….. Slowly, raising it from under the seat, I prayed that it would be my package.  I closed my eyes, put the object on my knees, and opened my eyes slowly.  ‘Claire, you are my hero!’ I said to myself.  I quickly put the package into my handbag …. just in time for take off…..


            ‘We are now 50,000 feet above ground’ the co-pilot said.  The air hostesses then unfastened their seat belts and started to prepare their first trolley run.  This was my cue to start being serious.  I sat wedged to my seat, dreading for the seat belt light to go off, because that meant I had to start.  Five minutes passed, ten minutes passed, then… to my dismay the seat belt sign switched off.  An adrenalin rush ran through me.  ‘Action time’. I said to myself.  I grabbed my handbag, unfastened my seat belt, ran rapidly into the toilet.  I slapped the door closed with my sweaty hands and.. locked it.  My heart was beating as fast as a tiger runs!  I threw my handbag on the floor of the enclosed space in anger.  I looked at myself in the mirror and said to myself, ‘Snap out of it Nadine, you have to do this for your little girl, its for your little girl!’  I calmed down, and snapped into action mode… I kneeled on the ground, took the package out of my handbag and placed it on the lid of the toilet.  I carefully opened it.  It was just as I left it.  In it was fifty small needles with a liquid in it.  The man that sold them to me said that you insert the needle into the persons neck and they die instantly.  I tried a couple of times on human dummies that the man had, just to get the jist of it.  Then, I carefully put the box of needles to one side, then I took out a gun from the package.


            With that part of my plan complete, I placed everything into my handbag and sat back down on my seat.  The next part had to be quick!  I sat, almost glued to my seat, deeply dreading the next part…I can’t chicken out now, I’ve come this far.  I dipped my hand in my bag and too two needles out.

‘Breathe in and out’,  I said to myself, ‘in and out’.  I took my high heeled boots off and I immediately stood up and walked back to where the first two air hostesses were.  With their backs facing me, I crept up behind them and I stuck a needle into each of their necks and they both instantly started to fall.  I caught one, and the other fell at my feet, but made no noise.  I sat them both up against a press in the corner where no one could see them.  ‘I just killed two women’, I whispered to myself.  Not one ounce of guilt went though me at all.  In fact, I think I almost enjoyed it!  I walked back to my seat and took out more needles.  There was seven men sitting in the rows in front of me, all sitting by themselves in separate rows… within two minutes, they all had had a needle stuck in their neck without anyone else noticing.  I left them all in their seats, it just looked like they were sleeping.  Getting more and more pleasure from killing people I went back down to my seat, got my bag and sat in the row behind the next row of people.  This time, there was three teenagers sitting in this row.  They were all asleep except the one in the middle, I quietly put a needle in the two necks of the sleeping teenagers and to his surprise I put a needle in the one sitting in the middle too.  There was no more people in the next six rows, so I decided to have a little fun.

I took out red lipstick from my bag, I put it on and I kissed the twelve people that I had killed on their cheeks.  It can be my signature.  The next ten people were all sitting by themselves, so that was easy for me.  With eight more people and two air hostesses to jab, I walked up to the top of the plane.  One of the air hostesses was in the toilet, a perfect opportunity to quickly get rid of the other one who was preparing food.  So I did!  The air hostess fell back on the ground and a woman let out a scream.  I glared at her with anger, now the gun comes into action, I left the air hostess lying on the ground and I stumped forward.  Standing at the top of the aisle, the ten, alive people, stared at me.  ‘You are all clueless’, I said angrily.  I looked to my left and there was a lock and key on one of the shelves with the plates on it.  I picked it up and locked the air hostess in the toilet.  With fear in their eyes, the ten, innocent, people stared at me.  I said, in a firm voice, ‘Listen to me carefully, I will only say this once, You are all going to die’.  A couple of screams and cries were yelled out.  ‘LISTEN’ I shouted, ‘I will not kill you, but you all will die’.  I immediately turned around and knocked in the cockpit door.  ‘Come in’, a voice answered. Before I opened the door, I reached into my bag and took out a balaclava.  Hearing screams in my ear I placed it over my head.  I opened the door and walked in.  With the two pilots facing frontwards, the copilot asked me, ‘What’s with all the screaming out there?’, and I replied, ‘Oh, some scary movie I think!’.  He laughed. 

I broke the silence by saying, ‘I suggest you turn on auto pilot because we need to have a little chat!  They both turned around with alarmed faces.  The copilot shouted ‘Who the hell are you?’.  I answered, ‘You are never going to find out’.

I took out a needle and stabbed his neck. ‘That’s the end of him’, I said.

Then, I turned and took a long deep glare at the pilot.  ‘What do you want?’, he cried.  I laughed, ‘You have not changed one bit, always acting innocent , you are’, I said angrily.  The pilot had a confused look on his face.  ‘Stand up!’, I shouted.  He immediately rose to his feet.  I sat down in his chair and I turned off the auto pilot button.  ‘What are you doing, you can’t do that’, he cried helplessly.

‘I can do what I want, I am over 18 now, Dad!’, I said removing the balaclava from my head.  You should have seen the look on his face, it was priceless!

–       Nadine, Why…  what are you doing?

–       What am I doing?  What am I doing!  I just killed most members of your cabin crew and most of your passengers.  That is what I am doing.

–       Nadine…. Why would you? What are you thinking?  You’ve lost your mind.  I haven’t seen you in ten years and this is what you’ve become!

–       Shut up!  I have become this, because of you. You killed my daughter!

–       Nadine, you have to understand it was a car crash, it was an accident!  It was no ones fault….

–       You’re wrong!  It was your fault! Everything is your fault!


I couldn’t hold my tears anymore.  This is the first time I have cried in ten years!  Dad had attempted to steer the plane but I pushed him back.  We were going down, and fast!

‘So, this is it Dad, this is where we die’, I yelled at him. 

‘Nadine, please, just let me….,’ he cried.

‘No’, I yelled. This was it, I could see the snow on the top of the mountains, this is the end of my life.  Right before the plane hit the mountain, I closed my eyes, blessed myself, and said, ‘Mammy’s coming Ruby’.



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