Story C

IsobelOne day my mother and I were cleaning out the attic when I came across lots of things that I had never seen before. There was carpets, hats, lamps and then there were these other things shaped like a gravy boat. When we were finished  I asked my mother the things which I had seen. “Oh thats all the rubbish that your father used to buy”and left it at that. One day when my mother was gone away and my friend Josh was over we went up to the attic to see have a look at what I had seen.


“Are you sure we should do this Jack?”


“Come on dont be such a baby!”


“I’m not I am just making sure you want to do this!”


When we opened the door into the attic it was pitch dark. We couldn’t see anything. Then I shouted I see the pile.

“Take two things each and bring them down with you”. I got something that looke like a gravy jug and a carpet and Josh got a lamp and also a jug which looked like  gravy jug. When we came down we didn’t have a clue what to do with them. I decided to bring them into my bedroom in case my mother came back.


“So what will we do with them now ?”said Josh


“I dont know !” I said


“I’m kinda cold !”said Josh


Josh was holding the gravy thing in his hands and he started to rub it to warm up his hands. Then a big flash happend. Right before our eyes was a big man with a purple face, a big hat and very baggy trousers.


“Well hello. I am here to grant you three wishes master ! What will your first one be ?”


“Wow ! How can you fit in that tiny….muttered Josh


“ Ahh my carpet ! what have ye done to it ?”said the man



Right at this moment Josh and I looked at each other. This grown man was nearly crying about his carpet. He started shouting at us but we couldnt really understand him because he was crying so much. Josh and I stepped back slowly because his face looked like a swollen apple. He looked like he was about to burst.


“Ehh whats wrong with you ?”I said


“My carpet look at it ! Its all stained and look someone has splilled something on it !”


“Whats so special about your carpet anyway ?”


“Huh pfft ! Did you just ask whats so special about my carpet ? My carpet is a one of a kind…it is a magic carpet.”


“Why what does it do ?”Josh said


“I can fly anywhere I want ! I can take you for a spin if you want ?”


Josh and I thought about it. We whispered to each other for a while and then we finallly came to a decision. We were going to go on a carpet trip. We told him “we would have to be back at five on the dot because my mother would be back at 5:30 and then by the time we get the carpets back up.”


“Now we have a couple of rules to cover” said the man


1.     “Keep all hands and feet on the carpet at all times”.

2.     “Hold on at all times”.

3.     “There is to be no standing up at anytime”.


“Have ya got that ?”




“Ok so bring the carpet down and bring it outside and keep it away from all the trees.”


When Josh and I were going down stairs we heard a knock on the door. “Stay here I said to Josh !” I went down to answer the door. “Hello Miss Green !” Miss Green was one of the most nosiest people you could meet. She was fat and small. And she was always coming around to my house to see what I was getting up to because she thinks I am a “rotten hooligan” but really I am not.


“Hello Jack ! Is your mother in ?


“No, is there a message I can give her ?”


“Oh no its ok ! To be honest I wouldn’t trust you.” bye !


As she walked away I made faces behind her back with her big fat bum shaking all around the place. I made it quickly back to Josh to help him carry the carpet down. When I went back up there was no sign of any of them. I looked out my bedroom window and there they were setting up the carpet without me. I went straight down the stairs as quick as possibly.


“Where were you ?”


“It was Miss Green at the door.”


“Uhh what did she want ?”


“She just wanted to see if my mother was in ?”


“ Oh !”


“So we ready to go ?”


Just as he said that Miss Green looked over the wall. “What are ye doing and who is that ?” I shouted get on and Go Go Go ! We hopped onto the carpet and off we went. It was silent for a while and I made sure i kept my hands and legs on the carpet at all times.


“So where we going to ?”


“I think the pyrimads in Egypt !”


“Oh ! Ok how long will it take to get there ?”

“Ahh about two hours or that !”


The time went by fast and before you knew it we were in Egypt. The pyrimads were as big as a skyscraper. It was very hot there and we had brought no drink. We didnt get to stay that long because we would have all died with dehydration. Then Josh had remembered something the genie had said to him.


“Hey remember when we had first let you out of the gravy thing you said I had three wishes well i want to make one of them wishes !”


“Ok what will your first one be ?”


“Hmm I wish….I wish to god I wish I knew what I wanted to wish ! No wait thats not..”


“Thats one wish gone !”


“God I wish I didnt wish that !”


“Thats two wishes gone !”


“Oh God ! Ok I wish I had a puppy”


The genie then said a spell and puff there was a puppy. It just came out of no where. Josh was very happy with his puppy. He was having lots of fun with it. After awhile we arrived home. I checked my watch it was 16:59pm. We ran up stairs rolled up the carpet, put it up in the attic. Then we said are goodbyes to the genie.


“Bye we hope we will see you again !”


“Bye and thanks for the puppy !”


“Bye I am goning to miss you a lot”

Then we put the genie back in the gravy boat thing and we put it up in the attic. We came down from the attic and there was noise of a car coming around the back. It was my mother ! The time was 5:27 !


“Hello boys ! What did ye get up to today ?”

“Ahh nothing really !”

“Come on in and I will make you some tea.”


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