Story D

seanIt was a long summer’s day In the middle of the Sahara desert. All that could be seen were big dusty sand dunes and the hot, scorching sun. You could hear your own breathing in this hot empty place. The only thing that shows any sign of life is one long, sandy road that seems to be heading nowhere.

On the top of a small, sandy mountain an American sniper is camouflaged waiting for his target to drive by. He is waiting like an animal waiting for his prey. His eyes are locked on to the scope on his rifle and are fearless like the eyes of a man who had done it all before.

He was remembering what he had been told. To kill the man in the red beret and his family would be given enough money for the rest of their lives. He couldn’t sleep last night knowing his own chances of survival were very slim. All he had been given were a rifle and a hunting knife to do the job.

Then he heard the rumbling of car engines. They were getting close. He took a look through his scope and seen three Hummers driving down the road. There was something familiar about those cars. He had seen them somewhere before. It was getting a bit windy he thought to himself. The Hummers stopped about four hundred meters away from the sniper.  They seemed to be negotiating something. Now was his chance.

He aimed the rifle at the man in the beret’s head. He was tall, heavily built and his hair was shaved. He knew him from somewhere. His family wouldn’t have to worry about money he thought to himself. He took a few deep breaths. Waited for a clear shot and fired. He fell on his back and dropped his rifle since there was so much recoil. The report echoed around the desert for what seemed like hours. The man had not been hit. The wind must have swayed the direction of the bullet he thought. He wanted to scream to the heavens but he had enough sense not to give away his position. They would be searching for him now.

His rifle fell down the mountain. All he had now was his knife. There was a sand-storm on its way to the west. It seemed to be covering the whole desert. He was happy about this. They wouldn’t see him coming.

He began climbing down the mountain. When he reached the bottom he found his rifle. It was like a jigsaw puzzle. The rifle was smashed to pieces. Suddenly he heard footsteps coming his way. He lay down on his stomach and waited for the man to walk by. He waited until the man was gone, then he sprinted up to the Hummers. He knew what he had to do.

He crawled under a Hummer and waited until the soldiers were gone looking for the sniper. He realised he wasn’t going to be coming home to his family. He crawled out from the hummer and stabbed the man in the side of the neck. As the blood began oozing from the wound, the sniper realised who he was. It was his general. The sniper sank to his knees with regret and was shot dead.


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