Story E

TaraThe day I went to the carnival the sky was clear blue and there wasn’t a cloud to be seen. All you could hear was the hustle and bustle of people getting ready for the big event. It was the main topic of conversation in the village for the past month and now that it was finally here everyone was buzzing with excitement. The children were running around on the fairgreen waiting for the carnival rides to open and food stalls to be set up for business. Suddenly there was a loud bang. Everyone went quiet. The children stopped playing and the business men and women immediately stopped setting up their stalls. Then again there was another bang, even louder, and everyone looked around wondering where it was coming from. Soon everyone relaxed, realising that now the pipe band was beginning to play starting with their drum solo. Instead of complete silence now the crowd were buzzing louder than before. This meant the grand opening was about to start and the Mayor was going to cut the giant, shiny, red ribbon. I was especially excited because I was here with my sister, Ciara, for my first time. I started to look at her and I think she looked more excited than me!

“Watcha wanna go on first?” I asked Ciara.

 “Don’t mind really, I think I need to go to the toilets before I go on anything! What about you?”

“I don’t really mind” I replied under my breath, but then got more excited saying “Wait look over there that’s the Mayor!” pointing at the Mayor in excitement.

The Mayor came walking up to the velvet red ribbon with a giant scissors and a fancy suit on. His suit was grey with a purple tie and he was also wearing a white shirt with his chain of office around his neck and his perfectly groomed, black, hair and moustache. I must say that he was very dressed up for just cutting a rope for the opening of a carnival but then I seen RTE news cameras running up to capture the moment and it explained everything! As soon as the Mayor cut the ribbon he stepped out of the way just in time before a big stampede of people ran towards the carnival!

          After following the crowd into the carnival everyone ran into different directions. The young children ran to get their face painted, the teenagers walked up to the rodeo mechanical bull even though some of them wouldn’t admit that they were too scared to go near it and some of the older kids just stood around getting candy floss and other sweets or drinks.

“Where do you want to go?” I asked Ciara anxiously, wanting to get started to take a look at all the different stalls.

 “I need to go to the bathroom, wait over there. See you in a minute.” Ciara said pointing to a shabby, black hut.

 With a flash she was gone. I saw her run awkwardly to the car park where the toilets were. I stood beside the hut as told. Looking at the shabby, wooden hut I wondered what carnival game was awaiting inside. There were no children lined outside it or anyone waiting to bring the children inside. I looked through the purple framed window and saw a big table with a blue, woollen cloth over it. It had an emptied out fish bowl placed upside-down on the table. There were two chairs, both wooden and looked very uncomfortable. I stopped looking through the window and started looking at the door. There was purple writing on the black door saying fortune teller 15 euro’s in shaky handwriting. I looked around to see if there was a doorbell but there wasn’t so I knocked on the door. I heard thumping as if someone wasn’t just walking to the door but running…and running fast! An old lady appeared at the door. She was very skinny with pale, freckly skin. Her hair was long, black and frizzy and her eyes were beady like green marbles.

“I am the magnificent Rosé. How may I help you?” she said in a strong Russian accent.

“Hi, my name’s Michelle. I was wondering if I would get my fortune told?” I said unsurely handing her the 15 euro.

“Follow me” Rosé said walking into her hut.

I followed her inside the hut. It was very small and cold inside and the floor was timber. There were two rooms, a hall and the room which I seen through the window. That room was called the room that held my destiny; well that’s what Rosé said. When I entered the room I sat down in one of those uncomfortable chairs and believe me they were not just uncomfortable to see but uncomfortable to sit in too! After we sat in the wooden chairs, Rosé looked into the emptied out up-side down fish bowl as if it was a crystal ball.

“So…What’s my destiny?”

“Well, your energy is very negative. I sense somebody near you will die soon!”

“Oh right, what’s that suppose to mean?”

“15 euro means one fortune, There is no buy one get one free!”

“Okay, I’ll see myself out…thanks I guess”

I ran out of the hut quickly, believing my fortune wasn’t true and that it was a scam! Suddenly I heard an ambulance siren and nobody was playing in the carnival anymore. Everyone was down at the car park and looking worried. Everyone was panicking and screaming! Was the fortune teller right?  Ciara?



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