Story F


Beep Beep! Went the alarm clock as Ben woke up with a jump. Ben looked over at his twin brother Niall who was still asleep.

“Niall, Niall!”

“What are ye shouting at?”

“Get up the match is on in an hour”

Ben got up and opened the curtains, it was dark outside .Ben looked at the clock, it was nine o’clock.

The clock must be wrong.

Ben looked at his watch, nine o clock. Niall turned on the radio.

“Good morning Ireland. It’s now nine o clock and still very dark outside, so we will be going over to Mary to see what’s going on.”

“As you can see it is still very dark outside ,extremely dark for a morning in June and it dosen’t look like it is going to brighten up today or tomorrow. That’s all from me so have a good day”

The boy’s father walked in.

“Boy’s what are you at, get ready for the match.”

“Dad, look outside.”

There father looked outside, it was pitch black outside. The only light in sight was the street lamps in the nearest town.

“Good lord, what’s going on?”

Just then the phone rang. The boys father ran down stair’s in his dressing gown and slipper’s to answer it .It was the boy’s soccer coach.


“Well it’s Tim the lad’s soccer coach, yeah ….am the match is called off …eh…because it’s so dark”

“Ok well thanks for letting us know. Bye.”


“The match is called off.”

“Oh right.”

The boys went down stairs and got their breakfast.

“How about we go see Dr.Brown.”

“Right so, I’ll ask dad to bring us there.”

Their father agreed and dropped them off at Dr. Brown’s house.

“Be home before three alright.”


The boys turned around and looked up at the dark gloomy house that was decorated with Christmas lights.

“This lad is mental.”

“I know but he will definitely know what’s going on.”

They rang the doorbell and the door opened inside stood a tall man with messy grey hair and a lab coat.

“Ah Ben and Niall come in.”

“Well Doc.”

The boys followed Dr. Brown down the long hall way that had strange paintings hanging on it’s walls.

“I see you’re celebrating Christmas early Doc.”222

“No Niall those lights are just to brighten up the place.”

They hopped into a lift at the end of the hall and zoomed downwards.

“I have a bit of bad news boys.”

“What is it?”

“I have discovered that the world has stopped spinning and if we can’t find away to get it spinning again the world will sink into a black hole.”

“Oh dear that’s not good.”

“Not good at all Ben.”

“I don’t believe it! That’s impossible. I thought black holes weren’t real.”

“Well you were wrong Niall. Have a look at this.”

He turned on his computer and showed the boys a picture of the Earth sinking into a black hole.

“If my calculations are correct we only have a week to live. By tomorrow all the trees and plants will die, by Monday animals will start to grow hungry and begin to die, by Tuesday we will to go to the other side of the world”

“We better go Doc”

“Okay boys I hope I see ye tomorrow”

When the boys were walking in the back door Niall stood on a soccer ball and fell forward.


“Oh my god Niall, you’re a genius, you could have just figured out a way to save the world.”


“If everyone in the world runs in the same direction the world will start spinning.”

“We have to tell Doctor Brown.”

Niall got his torch out of the press and the two boys ran out the back door and down the street. As they were running they ran into a big beefy man, wearing a garda uniform. He had a big fuzzy moustache that went up and down like a kangaroo when he spoke.

“Hey! Didn’t you hear the news that everyone was to stay inside?”

“Oh sorry Officer but ……..”

“You are in a lot of trouble.”

“But first you will have to catch us.”

“Niall turned off his torch, pointed it in his eyes and turned it back on”.

“AHH my eyes!”

“Run Ben!”

The two boys ran down the street and in Doctor Brown’s front door.

“Doctor Brown we’re back.”

“OH boys what are ye back for?”

“We figured out a way to get the world to spin again.”

“Well we better hurry because the black hole has started to move towards us.”

Ben explained the plan, and Doctor Brown rang his brother in America.

“Hey Bro, lovely weather here in the states how’s things back in Ireland?”

“Fred you must find a way to contact the president and if you you don’t we will die.”

“Ok I’ll try my best.”

Doctor Brown put his phone down and ten minutes later it rang. Doctor Brown answered it.

“Good evening Doctor Brown this is Barack Obama ,I heard you needed to speak to me”

Doctor Brown spoke to him about what was about to happen and soon the message was repeated all over the world. Everyone was to run west at half seven. When half seven came every alarm, clock, bell, watch or timer rang all around the world. Everyone ran west. You could see a purple ring in the sky. It was getting closer and closer.

“Why isn’t it working .”

“What if we run the opposite way.”

“That’s a good idea Ben.”

So Doctor Brown rang his brother again. His brother rang president and then the message was repeated that every one had to run east.

The purple ring got further away and soon it wasn’t visible anymore.

“We’ve done it boy’s . We’ve done it !”

The doctor’s phone rang.

“Doctor Brown I want to congratulate you on your success.”

“Don’t thank me, thank Ben and Niall Hogan.”

The next day a black car pulled up outside the boy’s house and at the door was Barak Obama. He gave the boy’s a cheque for figuring out how to save the world.


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