Story G

“The first time we met was 214 years ago today”.

“Ah I remember it like it was yesterday, back in the good old days of 1799”.



I was eight and a half, when I said goodbye to my parents for the first time as I was taken to the Mazuri tribe training camp for young warriors. I am an Mrefu Watu; we are human like creatures, green in colour with short black hair. We live on a planet called Thoras and share the planet with another tribe that we are fighting called the Callicous. We were once a peaceful planet. The Callious are also Mrefu Watu people but many years ago separated into a different region under a rootless ruler who called himself King Kustaffa.

Our tribe took the name the Mazuri tribe, we are peaceful people but with much to lose if King Kustaffa was to take over the planet.  When we reach adult hood we average around eight foot tall and it is the law of the land that all young males must be trained from the age of eight for battle. It was here I first met Kane who like myself was scared and crying to be taken from his home and put into a transporter by a Mazuri captain. We with many more young ones were taken to a secret location deep in the forest where the training camps were hidden underground away from the Callicous warriors.

“Hi my name is Theron” I said “I’m Kane” Said the other boy.

And after a long silence I said “You don’t talk much” In response he nodded. After that we had quite a long day of learning how to use a sword for the first time, and then all the young males went to their dormitories. I was put opposite Kane and I couldn’t help noticing that there was something wrong with him. I went over to Kane and I asked him what was wrong. Kane was hesitant in his answer and replied

“Nothing, just leave me alone”

“Are you sure” I said “well you know where I am if you want to talk” I left him with that thought and from that day on it was the beginning of our long friendship. In the next couple of days I felt more confident in handling a sword, Kane and I worked together and were a good team.

Kane was really good at fighting with a sword I said “you’re really good at this, it must be your veins” But Kane strangely said

“Yeah more than you think” I did not know what he meant so I decided to ask him later. Then later that evening when all the others were asleep Kane came over to me and said “My dad was a great swordsman of our tribe, he fought in many battles but was killed at the last battle two years ago by that evil man that rules the place “KING” Kustaffa, and someday I will avenge my father”. That night I promised to help avenge his father. For the next four years we learned many new survival skills such as searching through a forest without making a noise looking for our dinner and fighting. Kane and I worked hard and became stronger by the day, getting closer to being ready for battle.

It was spring of 1804 when battle broke out once again between the Mazuri and the Callicous tribes. When the alarm sounded we were all scared because this was the first time that war broke out in 7 years or so. We were all called by our warrior numbers. We were told we were too young for battle but would be in the background to help our skilled fully trained warriors, with weapons, food and the medical skills we learned at the camp. We all assembled at the crossing point between the two territories, we were exited and scared but were ready to help. Kane on the other hand wanted to battle he told me he was ready to defend the children of the Mazuri tribe, who were very scared that they would be taken to the Callicous tribe and held to be used as slaves.

As the other tribe came over the horizon, all the young males took a step back. Kane was left standing there with the other warriors, I grabbed and pulled him back and said “were not ready, were not strong enough yet, we must wait or they will kill us, our day will come”.

It was a fearsome battle with many great warriors not returning. We worked night and day and we were hungry and tired, we carried injured men over our shoulders, back to our tribe medical huts. The battle lasted for four months, there were many casualties on both sides but managed to hold them back from our settlements.

10 years had passed and Kane and I were teaching our skills, I taught archery and Kane was teaching sword skills to the new young males.

Life was good but Kane was still bitter and wanting revenge for his father. We knew the day would soon come and this time we were ready. One night while Kane sat cleaning his sword and as I skinned a rabbit, we heard the alarm to assemble. Kane and I looked at each other in surprise, but thinking back now Kane looked more excited than ever. There was a huge rush of people getting ready in their battle armour, and a lot of confusion as to what was happening. A lot of shouting could be heard and Kane looked at me, eager to get moving for our briefing.

We made our way out to the big square, and it was there our leader told us what was happening. He told us our settlement had been invaded and the Callicous were killing women and taking our children. It was a surprise attack at night, and the villages were burning. We were told we must go quickly if we were to save our planet and settlements from full destruction. We were ready we filled about 60 transporters with about 150 warriors in each. And the next lot will have to wait for the transporters to come back for them. We have around 15,000 men and 2,000 young males in training. The Callicous have about 20,000 men and are rootless killers. Kane said to me “this is it Theron we must not fail, I’m going to get Kustaffa this time”.

When we arrived at the battle scene it was almost dawn, what I saw I will remember forever, our village was destroyed and most of the people were dead. The yellow grassed fields were full with the enemy, with nothing but swords. We on the other hand had swords, spears, and bows and arrows. They were waiting for us and we were ready for them.  As their commander yelled CHARGE! We all on both sides started to run at each other.

Some of the young males fell behind. Just before we collided all of our archers including me took aim. “FIRE” our archer commander yelled, then as we all shot, It was like a cloud heading towards the Callicous. Some of them fell with arrows in their chests tripping some of the others up, which gave us an advantage. Then we collided and the roar was almost deafening. It was a bloody battle and there were heavy casualties on both sides.

The next day was much the same but harder because of all the dead on the ground.

“Theron do you know if Kustaffa is here”? Said Kane while in combat with some Callicous, he was fighting two at once and was stronger than ever.

“No I don’t think we will see him yet he will be in the back ground as usual ” I said back to him.

“OK” He said as he defeated the two men and was running into another attach.

There were about 10,000 men of our tribe left by the second week, and we only guessed but we felt we were winning this battle. While I was fighting I saw a Callicous taking one of the young males quite close to me. The young male was very brave and tried with a sword to fight I took out my sword and ran out to him and fought off the Callicous warrior it was a hard fight and we both got wounded. It was Kane who killed the man and carried me to the medical hut.
After a few days I was fit enough to return to the battle we were strong and our training over the years had paid off. The end was in sight, the Callicous were tired and weakening. The decision was made to keep going to finish this now and get King Kustaffa to surrender. Kane had another plan for Kustaffa, he wanted him dead and he was the man to do the job.

It was a quiet night and all our warriors were resting eating and singing battle songs. They were confident the end was in sight and we were winning this battle. Kane came a sat with me, Kane said in a whisper “I am going to get Kustaffa tonight” I looked at Kane and said “not without me your not” we laughed and took our weapons and left the camp.We made our way out into the darkness and headed through the forest. It was the long way around but the safest. Surprisingly without being seen we could see the Callicous camp we knew it wasn’t going to be easy but we were willing to die.We crawled into the camp quietly killing at least four men on watch out. They were tired and some were asleep. We knew where Kustaffa would be and crawled towards his hut. It was guarded by four men who were armed with swords and spears. Not too sure what to do Kane nodded to me to crawl around the side of the hut and throw something to distract the guards.

I found a big rock and threw it off into the trees at the edge of the camp site. Two guards ran into the forest to see what the noise was. Before I knew what was happening Kane ran towards the hut shouting at me to get the two guards.

While I fought the two guards Kane was in the hut fighting Kustaffa before the whole camp was alerted to us being there. Kane wasn’t holding back he fought hard and Kustaffa was a huge man and very well trained. I managed to kill the two guards and ran in to help Kane, he had wounded Kustaffa badly and was about to strike the final blow when he was hit by an arrow in the back from the darkness. I knew at that point I had to finish Kustaffa myself; I raised my sword and plunged it into the chest of Kustaffa who fell down dying on his knees. I said this is for Kane and swung again beheading Kustaffa with one clean sweep.

What happened next was to change our world forever, all the Callicous tribe threw down their arms and hailed me a hero. I was only interested in Kane. I carried him out of the hut and one of the men told me to take him to their medical hut.  Kane was badly wounded and had lost a lot of blood, but luckily he would live.The next few days were quiet; I sent word to my camp about the death of Kustaffa and the surrender of the Callicous. There was great joy from all our men and plans were started to rebuild our settlements.

Kane recovered well and he and I stayed great friends for our lifetime after.



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