Story (i)

It started like any other day. My alarm clock bleeped beside me and in a sleepy manner I rummaged around to find it before switching on the light. By what light came through the narrow gaps at the sides of blinds I could make out it was a fine, sunny but cold winters day with a crackling frost.

               I was on my way to the car without a care in the world when suddenly from the car whitch was parked behind mine jumped two men wearing black balaclavas and with a small pistol in one hand approached me. They each placed a heavy hand on my shoulder and led me to their car. I was positioned in between two armed masked men in the back seat.

              The driver quickly turned the car and speeded off to God knows where. At that stage I was in shock and didn’t know what was going on. It was like as if my normal day wasn’t so normal after all!

             When we where in a less urban area the man in the passengers seat turned around and grinned at me. He had no balaclava on. He was a tall man. He had dark gelled hair and brown eyes. Even the look he gave made me tremble.

              “Id say you’re confused” he said. He had a rough voice something you would expect from some one who is a criminal or gang member.

               I was full of fear and was not able to give a good reply.

               “well if I was you, at least I would be” he said in a mocking tone of voice.

“I have heard a lot about you, a lot”.

I finally found the courage to say something,

“What sort of things?”

“Ha Ha; stuff like… like you’re out to get me. It’s the most ridiculous thing I have heard in a long time. But now… Ha… the tables have turned”.

“Out to get you?” I asked.

“yes you’re so called that under cover cop aren’t  you? Go on tell me the truth. No one will save you now anyway”

                  I was afraid to tell him the truth. It was the pressure of deciding. If I didn’t tell him he might get violent but if I did he might kill me there and then. It was a life or death situation. I stayed silent hoping he wouldn’t notice. He looked at me straight in the eye. His brown eyes shone like a torch shining through fine brown silk; he was high. He grinned at me with that evil liking for terror in his face and said

“My name is Johnny Kerrigan”

The name hit me like a thousand sledge hammers. He was the drug dealer I always wanted to catch, how had I not recognised him?

Then he said “I was the one you always wanted to catch”. “But now you have heard to much”. “No one will even know we have ever talked”.

                    The driver pulled up beside a river in the middle no where. The two Gorillas on either side of me got out and held me at gun point. Johnny pulled out a shot gun and got me to stand on edge of the bridge over the river.

                    Just then a shot rang from the forest maybe fifty meters away and one of the masked men fell to the ground. Johnny, out of instinct fired two shots towards the forest before turning around and hitting me blow with the back of his shotgun. I fell unto the bridge and my glasses fell off my head. That was the last thing I remembered.

                    When I was conscious again in hospital, one of my fellow police officers came to visit me.

“Bit of a hectic day yesterday don’t ya think?” he said

“Yeah sure was… but was that you in the forest?” I asked

“Yes it w…”

“but how did you know where I was?” I asked

“you’re wearing the answer”.”Remember the little camera we put into your glasses”.” I heard everything they said. We did just in case this happened!”

I’d forgotten about the whole thing but it saved my life so I complaining.


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