Story (ii)



The alarm went off and I turned over and reached my arm out to turn off the alarm. My arm however decided to knock over my lamp and it crashed onto the floor. I sat up in bed and wiped the sleep out of my eyes. Reaching to pick up the lamp I felt something pointy jabbing at my hand so I picked it up. Discovering it was a picture, my eyes were trying to adapt to the light. Making out a girl on it I realised that this girl I had met a few months ago, who gave me the picture to remember her and this is the story of how the romance began.

The school bell went off and I knew that I was going to be late again so I went into a full sprint down the road realising another girl was beside me trying to keep up with me. She looked over at me and smiled.  I smiled back at her and told her that it is always typical that we are always late for school. She laughed in a friendly manner and told me that it was true.

Arriving at the school exhausted from running we walked together in and chatted on the way. When we reached the school she told me that we should meet up after school and walk home together I agreed and left her for my classes during the day Staring at her as she walked into the school with her blonde hair flowing in the wind I knew that I was in love it was love, love at first sight!

Chapter 2

The meeting at the bridge!

As the weeks went on Lucy and I had become very attracted to one another. We found out that we had the same interests and the same sense of music. We spent most of our free time together and we got on very well from sending letters to going out to a dance.

One Saturday morning Lucy and I were walking through the local woods when we stumbled upon a small stone bridge with a brambling brook leading underneath it. We went and stood looking over at the brook for what seemed an age. I broke the silence by saying that we were getting on really well together and maybe we should progress it to the next level. She turned and looked at me with deep passion in her eyes she asked me was I messing and I told her that I was not messing, that I loved her. She then spun around and looked me straight in the eye and asked me did I mean it, I replied that I did and she lent over and kissed me. It was the most wonderful experience I had ever had her blonde hair rested naturally on my chest as she stopped kissing me she looked at me and told me that she loved me and I loved her. We wanted to progress our relationship to the next level.

We walked back to our houses hand in hand when we arrived at her house she turned and kissed me on the cheek and told me that she would see me again. She left me and walked into her home closing the door behind me I stood and looked at the house for a few minutes and went home reeling over the memories that had happened today.

Chapter 3

Goodbye forever!

For the next two years Lucy and I had been very happy. We spent most of our time walking through the woods to that bridge that we had found we talked about personal things. We told our parents that we were going out which they were delighted with and gave us great joy, relief and support.

But one day I was up doing my homework in my room when all of a sudden Lucy runs through the door and into my room. Her eyes were red and puffy from crying, I stood up and tried to comfort her buts she banged her fist on my chest and run off but I caught her, spun her around and held her as she sobbed into my shirt. I wiped her blonde hair from her face to try to make It look better but no good she buried her face into my chest again.

I asked her what had happened as she looked up tears still streaming from her face and told me that her father had found a better job in another town at the other end of the country and she had to move away so we could not see each other again. I looked at her shocked  and asked her when they were moving, her blond hair was tangled in my t-shirt as she told me they were moving next week.

I sat her down on my bed and told her that if you can remember the good times we had together our love will never die. She then lent over and kissed me.  I returned the favour and kissed her tenderly on the lips. I told that wherever in the world you are I will always love you.

As the dreaded day approached we spent our last few days together over at our bridge where we shared our first kiss. On the second last day of her being here I took a pen knife and carved a love heart with both our names on it to symbolise our love for one another.

The dreaded day arrived the weather was extremely foggy and as Lucy and I prepared to go to the station  I helped load up her luggage and we departed for the station at the other end of the village. Lucy walked slowly beside me trying to hold back tears.

When we arrived at the station we bought a ticket at the counter and went out to the platform to wait for the train. We sat down on a wooden bench and Lucy turned around and looked at me with the deepest sympathy and told me that she loved me and she would always think of me wherever she is and kissed me on the cheek.

The steam engine arrived at the station with three coaches behind. One of the windows went down and the head of the conductor peered out of the window and shouted the next town. Lucy stood up with her luggage and we shared a extremely passionate kiss together. She climbed aboard the coach and sat down next to a window. She wound down a window producing a picture of herself on it and held it out to me which I took.

The engines whistle blew and slowly began moving out of the station Lucy held out her small tender hand which I grasped and ran with the coach until the platform ended. The last time I ever got a view of Lucy she was waving goodbye to me, her beautiful golden hair blowing in the wind tears, streaming down her face.



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