Story (iii)


“Do not go outside! Do not go outside! Close all windows and doors…” the message was repeated again and again, on all T.V. and radio stations. A tsunami was heading straight for Japans east coast and the country came to a halt. People had heard about things like this before; they had read about in books ands seen it on the television but they never believed that something like this would happen to them. They knew that things would never be the same again but they didn’t realise to what extent….

As soon as the school bell rang, Amaya threw her books into her bag, said goodbye to her friends and ran home as fast as her tiny legs could carry her. She could not wait to go home because that day was her 10th birthday. She knew that her mother would have a tasty homemade cake on the table waiting for her and her granny would have 2000 Yen sitting in an old creased brown envelope, just as she has done for the past nine years. As she was running, she admired the picturesque landscape around her; the beautiful white willow trees with tiny red berries on the branches almost as though someone had come along and painted them on as neatly as they could, one by one and the snow covered mountains with the sun gleaming upon them and its rays reflecting upon the crisp blue water. Amaya knew she was so lucky to live in such a wonderful part of a fantastic country.

As soon as she reached home, she burst in the door. Her mother was waiting for her with an anxious look on her face. Amaya and her mother Taree were incredibly close and they even looked the same. They both had sleek, shiny jet-black hair and clear sallow skin. They were of petit build and their hearts sometimes seemed too big for their body. They were kind and gentle; helping out everyone and anyone that was in need. They were so close that they sometimes could tell what the other was thinking. That was why Amaya knew that what ever her mother was going to say wasn’t going to be good.

“Darling, sit down for a second”, her mother said taking her hand. “I’m surprised you’ve not already heard but a tsunami is coming and it’s heading straight for the east coast; our village”. As soon as Amaya heard her mother utter those horrible words she knew that her life and those of her families was going to change forever. She thought of a thousand and one questions to ask her mother but she decided that she probably would not know the answers to them either. So, she went up to her bedroom, for nothing other than to have a quiet moment to herself.


Once she had thought about what her mother had actually said, panic and shock spread through her body. She felt herself beginning to shake and becoming almost weak with fear. Amaya knew that now wasn’t the time to think about material things such as her iPod or phone; it was time to think of the things that really and truly mattered to her most, deep down inside her heart.

Amaya’s house was situated about three miles away from the sea and the view from her bedroom was that of the Pacific Ocean. She ran down the stairs and sat down on the couch beside her mother and the two of them hugged one another as tightly as they could for what seemed like eternity. There was only ever the two of them as her father had left her mother before Amaya was even born. Amaya’s mother had thought of driving towards the west coast but she realised that almost everyone else in the whole country would have had the same idea and by then it would have been too late anyway.

Taree looked out the living room window and the sea was becoming incredibly choppy by now. The waves were as sharp as Stanley knives and as tough as Sumo wrestlers, they smashing against the rocks with such brutal force, no beast nor man would stand in their way.  Taree and Amaya got their life-jackets and sat on their living room couch holding and supporting one another; thinking of all the memories they had shared. Amaya had always been a positive girl and she wasn’t going to change. She was sure that she and her mother were going to be okay but her mother wasn’t quite so sure.


Taree loved her baby girl more than anything in this whole entire world and she would risk her life for her without a second thought. Normally, she would fight with every fibre of her being for Amaya but she thought that there was no point of trying to protect her baby because eventually, the tsunami would get the better of them.

At about five o’clock in the evening, the tsunami strook. Chaos reigned throughout Japan and the waves came fast and strong like bullets fired from a high powered machine gun. Taree and Amaya clung tightly together. The first rapid wave strook their house and instantly broke off their roof. Mother and daughter held one another as they plummeted up through their house to the top of the waves. The gushing waves pulled their hands apart as they floated along rapidly amongst the debris to other directions. “I love you darling, always and forever”, Taree called to her precious little girl.


An hour later, Amaya was struggling to stay afloat although the tsunami had ended by now. All that went through her mind was her wonderful mother and she hoped and prayed so badly that all would be well. Just as she was beginning to feel her energy levels wore out, she picked up by volunteers in a boat searching for victims. She was brought to a shelter and given food and water.


Days turned into months which turned into years and Amaya was never reunited with her mother. She never gave up hope but unfortunately it wasn’t to be. Amaya was raised by her maternal grandmother and she turned into a healthy, intelligent, beautiful young lady just as her mother was.


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