Story (iv)

I awoke to blinding lights. For a long moment I couldn’t see. Finally , when my eyes had adjusted, I saw I was in a large white room. I tried to sit up. Searing pain flashed through my head and my vision wavered. When the world stopped spinning I saw exactly what was in the room.

 Across from me was a table made of steel with a large assortment of sharp or pointy items. Behind the table was a large mirror that took up the entire wall and four black cameras at each corner of the room. How did I get here? Speaking of which where is ‘here’? Then I realised something. If I can’t remember how I got here then this has to be a dream! I smiled. I’d gotten so scared by a little dream. How silly is that? I knew how to wake myself up. I pinched my arm. Nothing happened. I pinched again but really hard this time. But again nothing happened. Before I had a chance to try again a door, that I hadn’t noticed before, slammed open making a sharp crack as it hit the wall. I jumped at the sudden noise. A large, fierce looking man walked in. He wore a black suit and sunglasses. For a moment he just stood in the doorway, his hands behind his back, staring at me. He was followed by several people in white coats. Some wore glasses and some carried clipboards. They looked at me with a mixture of fear and confusion .The silence was broken by one of the scientists saying “This can’t be subject 12 can it?,”.

 Subject 12? What the hell does that mean? My thought was answered by the first man in the black suit and sunglasses. “No of course not” he snapped”She will lead us to it.

“Ookkkk. This is a really weird dream. Or could this be…no, no this can’t be real. It can’t. The scientists began to mutter between themselves. I wasn’t sure what to do. If this was a dream I should have woken up by now but-.Suddenly the black suited and sunglasses clad man shot towards me. Before I could react he grabbed me by the shoulders and and picked me up. In two strides he crossed the room to the steel table. I finally found my voice.”What are you doing?,’I screamed “let me go!”

   The black suited man( I have to think of a better name) smiled wickedly.”So’ he muttered, still holding my shoulders “the little girly finally found her voice,”.

I began to kick and hit him wildly trying to escape. One of my kicks caught him hard on the shin. He made a noise that sounded like a growl. He dropped me. If I was prepared I could have landed on my feet and ran, but I wasn’t so I landed on my but. Pain prickled through my shoulders where he had grabbed me. This isnt a dream , I realised suddenly, this is real.

 Fear began to grow inside me and my heart clenched.

“What do you want from me?,” I asked my voice sounded small. The black suited man now loomed over me staring down at me. I saw anger in his eyes

.”Just the location honey,’ he said ‘Just the location of subject 12,” He grabbed the back of my head and slammed it into the wall. My vision began to  tunnel. All I heard was someone say “Bring her to the execution room,” Then the world went black.

 When I regained consiousness I was in a dully lite room made of grey stone. Even before I got up I felt the back of my head throb. Unlike before I remembered exacly what happened. I glanced around. This room was much different than the one I was in earlier. This room had three small square windows in the middle of three seperate walls and the fourth wall had a huge steel door. The room was also very cold.

 Now I dont know about you but the ‘execution room’ dos’nt sound like the the kind of place you would want to be staying. Then for the first time I noticed the smell. The smell of anaesthetic hung in the air. Then the steel door opened with a creek. The black suited man walked in holding a chair in one hand and afolder in the other. He put the chair in front of me and sat down.”So Samantha-,” he began but Cut him of.

“I’m going to call you Bob,” I said smiling.

‘Bob’ looked puzzled.”Why would you call me-“

Again I interrupted him.”I just want to call you Bob because my friend had a dog called Bob and he wasn’t  very nice, he always tried to bite me so you and him have a lot in common,” I don’t know where the bravery to say this came from but Bob didn’t take the bait.

“Do you know this boy?,”. He held a picture up in front of my face. The picture was of a boy, who I guess was about seven, with short brown hair and piercing blue eyes. I frowned. He seemed familiar but I couldn’t quite remember where….

“You know him I’m sure you do,’ growled Bob “We saw you talking to him. He goes by the name of Leo,”

Leo!? I know him! He’s a transfer student from Canada. He started our school about a ,month ago. But that picture Bob has is a bit out of date. He’s about eighteen now same as me. “So you do know him,” I hadn’t realised my mouth had dropped open in astonishment. I shut it quickly.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” If they find him I don’t know what they might do to him, probably something ten times worse than what they’re going to do to me. I wouldn’t call Leo and I best friends, we’ve only known each other for a couple of weeks. But I still don’t want to rat the guy out to these people.”Yes, you do , you also know where he lives,” Bob hissed.

“No I don’t.” Ironically I really don’t know where he lives. Somewhere in Manhattan? Maybe? I’m not sure. Bob narrowed his eyes. “Play the tape,” He shouted to no one in particular. Only seconds later a white plastic screen was lowered onto the wall. It was about a metre wide. It flickered to life. On the screen was a picture of a girl and a boy talking. They seemed to be in some sort of a school. My school. The picture was of Leo and I. I looked at Bob but he said nothing, he just tapped the screen. Another image came up, it was of Leo and I again this time shaking hands. I was speechless. How could they have gotten those pictures? More picture filled the screen. Some of Leo and I, some of just me and some of just Leo. One showed my house. If they know where I live they might go after my parents! When the pictures finally stopped I only had one question “So when you’re not using the execution room it doubles as the movie room?,” The look on Bobs face was priceless! It was a mixture of astonishment, confusion and anger. I should be scared. I could be killed. But I guess if i’m going to die I might as well go down swinging. Before I ever thought it through I swung my leg at Bobs head.

 It didn’t hit him in the head(unfortunately) but it hit him in the stomach just hard enough to make him stumble away from the door. This time I ran, I ran as fast as my legs would carry me. I silently thanked god that they didn’t take my shoes. They made a soft thud each time they hit the ground. I glanced over my shoulder as I turned around another corner. I don’t think there follow- Slam! I ran into someone who was coming around the corner. They grabbed my arm. I didn’t look at them. I didn’t think. I just attacked. I kicked and hit and scratched but they wouldn’t let go. “Calm down Sam! Calm down… Its me Leo,”. I froze. For the first time I looked at the person I was hitting. It WAS Leo! “Leo?,” I asked still unsure. “How did you..why did they..?,” I tried to gather my thoughts.       “Ye Sam its me,” He said smiling at me warmly. “Look I’m so sorry this happened. I’ll always regret it but I’ll explain later for now we got to get out of here,”.

 We ran for several minutes before I could bring myself to say anything. “Why are they after you? How did you get in here? Who are they?,” It all just bursted out.Leo sighed ” I guess I owe you that much. There after me because when I was younger I was one of their test subjects and I escaped. I got in here by killing the guards at the front gate and they are a scientific reserch unite gone rouge. They reserch human devlopment. Now can we focus on getting out of here?,” All I could do was nod and keep running. Eventually we made it to what Leo called the front gate. One thing was for sure he wasn’t lying about killing the guards. Four of them lay scatterd in front of me. One of the bodies we passed still had his eyes open but they were glassy and unseeing. I forced my eyes away before I got sick. I was so distracted by the bodies that I hadn’t noticed that we’d walked straight into a desert. For miles all I could see was sand. As the gate closed behind us I saw that unless you had been looking very carefully you would easily miss the gate. It looked so much smaller on the outside. I turned to Leo. He was staring out into the desert. I was about to ask him what he was looking at but then I saw it. A small black dot hovering above the horizon. A helicopter. “Friends of yours?,” I asked Leo. He smiled “You could say that,”.

 It only took the helicopter three minutes to reach us. When I got in and buckled up I realised how tired I was and how, other than the pounding in my head, the last few days seemed like a dream. “Leo, it’s now or never,” shouted the pilot over the steady beat of the helicopter. Leo looked at me, his smile was gone now and was replaced by a sorrowful look.”Sam… I can only explain a few things-,” He began but was cut of by the pilot

“There’s no point Leo we have to blank her anyway,”.

I looked to Leo “What does he mean ‘blanking’ me?,”. Leo gave the pilot an annoyed look.

“I know the drill Lary but…can’t I tell her anyway?,” For a moment there was no answer.

“Be quick,”.

Leo took a deep breath. “Sam, I work for this company who’s job it is to stop those people who took you. They’ve done worse things than kidnap people, trust me.” Leo scratched behind his ear in a nervous way.”The reason they’re after me in particular is because I’m kinda, the leader of the company. So they come after me. I got a bit of holiday time so I decided to try be a normal kid for awhile so-,”. “You forgot to mention how when the scientist people experimented on you, you became unnaturally strong, fast and smart,”shouted the pilot.”I was getting to that Larry, but anyway I can’t tell you any more than that,”.

I was speechless. I took a minute to let that all sink in. I wasn’t sure how I should feel. Should I be scared or angry or happy, I just wasn’t sure. In the end I just turned to Leo and said “You go to school on your holidays now that’s sad,”. Leo laughed and after a second I started to laugh as well. When we had recovered from laughing I said “Ok, ok I only have one more question. What does blanking mean,”. All laughter left his face. “It means you’ll forget everything that’s happened to you over the last month…including meeting me,”. “Well..that’s sickening,’ I answered “I’d say we could have been good friends,”. He tried to smile but it came out small and sad. He took my hand. “I know Sam, I know I will regret this moment for the rest of my life,”. Before I could answer their was a searing pain in my hand. I looked down and saw that Leo had just injected me with some sort of green liquid. I began to feel sleepier by the second. As I drifted out of consciousness Leo said something to me but the only words I heard before I became unconscious were “..I will always regret…,” and then silence.


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