The General Vision and Viewpoint


The General Vision and Viewpoint

From Examiner guidelines: “The term, The General Vision and Viewpoint, may be understood by candidates to mean the broad outlook of the authors of the texts and/or of the texts themselves as interpreted and understood by the reader.”

Key things to consider:

1.       What is the general vision and viewpoint of the text?

What mood is created? Is it optimistic or pessimistic? Is it dark or bright?

 2.       How does the author create this general vision and viewpoint?

Consider some of the following:

  • The opening
  • The ending
  • The setting – violent societies

– dysfunctional societies

  • The effects of  society on the characters
  • How family life is represented
  • The economic conditions
  • The plot
  • The fate of the central characters
  • The themes that are explored.
  • The society
  • The language and imagery used

* The wording of many questions will allow you to draw on these points.

N.B. It is obviously essential that the you integrate these points/ paragraphs properly with the question asked by connecting them using the key words from the question. Proper planning will allow you to judge which points are the most appropriate.

 3.       Is the general vision and viewpoint consistent?

Are there exceptions to the general pessimism or optimism? Where? Are there admirable characters? Are there positive relationships? Where do people find happiness?

If the texts are generally considered bleak, then you might consider the following as exceptions to the dominant general vision:

  • The likeability of the central characters
  • The bravery of the central characters
  • The positive presentation of their respective friendships
  • The enduring nature of their friendships
  • The positive portrayal of leisure activities

 4.       What are the key moments that highlight the general vision and viewpoint?

 Are there particular moments in the text that illustrate clearly the mood of the text?

 5.       What is your personal response to the general vision and viewpoint?

Did you obtain any insights from the texts? What effect did the general vision and viewpoint have on you and your enjoyment of the text? Did it make you reflect on your own world or life in any way? How did you feel about the ending of the texts? What influence did the general vision and viewpoint have on your enjoyment of the texts?

*It is important to have prepared a list of points based on these questions. The points should span at least two – if not all three – of the texts. Look at the similarities and differences between the texts around these questions.




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